Wool Production, Hawkins Booroopki Farms

Hawkins Booroopki Farms wool production and export

Hawkins Booroopki Farms wool production and export

Our wool operations are a major part of the Hawkins Booroopki Farms business.

Controlling the breeding enables us to produce a bright, white, high-yielding 19/20 micron wool. This is ideal for overseas processors.

The harvesting operations are carried out in four shearing sheds of six to ten stands with comfortable living quarters at Langley Lodge. The sheds are designed with efficiency in mind and all have modern yards and facilities for all-weather loading.

We work closely with a major wool exporter.

Hawkins Booroopki Farms welcome input from professionals such as veterinary surgeons and animal nutritionists to achieve best possible animal welfare outcomes.

These services – and our own awareness – ensure best practice to achieve ethical and sustainable animal husbandry practices. Consequently, close attention is paid to feeding, worm control, pastures and shelter.

Combined with high quality hay and grain storage and centre pivot irrigators, this ensures drought-proofing and optimal feeding of the sheep at all times.