Hay Production, Hawkins Booroopki Farms

Balansa clover and lucerne hay production

Balansa clover and lucerne hay production

Hawkins Booroopki Farms is a major hay producer; during the recent drought in NSW and Queensland, we were able to supply large quantities of hay that had been baled in high-density balers which maximised the freight efficiency.

Balansa clover is the basis of this production: the clover is a part of the crop rotation as well. In addition some lucerne from the centre-pivots is also utilised as hay. We also supply hay to the southern dairy farmers on an as-needs basis.

The hay is stored in modern hay sheds with all-weather access, which ensures quality and delivery at all times.

We have a fleet of modern handling equipment which ensures minimal loading times. Our B-Double weigh bridge makes weighing off easy and fast.

Also part of the hay department is the production of long cereal straw for the Japanese race horse bedding market, which is prepared and stored for the exporters.