Grain Production, Hawkins Booroopki Farms

High quality grain production in the West Wimmera

High quality grain production in the West Wimmera

Hawkins Booroopki Farms operate a precision farming no-till cropping operation specialising in the production of high quality grains including barley, wheat and beans.

We see the benefits of both no-till and precision farming techniques and were early adopters of both technologies to ensure we’re maximising yields.¬†All crops are planted using precision disc seeders.

The majority of our barley is used internally for value-adding purposes, but we do supply wheat and beans for domestic and export markets. We welcome the contribution of external agronomists who advise on varieties, weed control, rotations and plant nutrition.

We operate a number of all-weather on-property storage facilities and have a B-double weighbridge available to ensure fast load times for transport operators.