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About Hawkins Booroopki Farms, West Wimmera

About Hawkins Booroopki Farms, West Wimmera

The Hawkins family from Langley, Buckinghamshire, England, arrived in Portland in 1859 and came to the Minimay area in 1879. In 1882, Arthur James and Annie Hawkins selected the property Langley, and since then the Hawkins family has expanded their operations in the Minimay, Booroopki, Neuarpurr, Patyah, and Bringalbert areas.

Hawkins Booroopki Farms is family-owned and operated by Ron and Pauline Hawkins, with Andrew and Mandy, Nick, Tim and Annabel and their families all being involved in the operations. Daughter Kate and James live on the Bellarine Peninsula and are regular visitors.

The early members of the family who arrived in the area could only dream about the scale and diversity of the operation today.

Hawkins Booroopki Farms produce grain, hay, wool, lambs and sheep and bedding straw for export. We employ the most modern and sustainable agricultural methods available to us, and all partners have gained qualifications in different agricultural disciplines.